Why Perth?

Come discover Perth, the beautiful capital of Western Australia. The sunshine, relaxed coastal lifestyle, delicious food, vibrant nightlife and exciting attractions are waiting for you!

Check out the information below and take advantage of all that Perth has to offer.


Wave Rock Western Australia


There's plenty of attractions to choose from in Perth. Let us guide you to some of Perth's hidden secrets.
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perth food and wine

Food & Wine

Perth boasts an extensive and delicious range of food and wine. See our favorite dining experiences below.
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best perth beaches

Clean & Beautiful

Perth's superb position on the banks of the beautiful Swan River make for a city centered on the great outdoors.
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fishing in fremantle


Take advantage of what Perth has to offer, try your hands at fishing, diving and countless other activities.

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where to shop in perth


Discover the best places to shop and find a bargain in Perth. From eclectic markets to stylish malls, Perth offers a host of shopping options to choose from.
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girls clubbing in Perth Western Australia


Known as the city of lights, Perth shines even more vibrantly after nightfall, as the streets and lanes of Perth fill with the bustle of entertainment seekers.
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