There's plenty of work available for backpackers and travelers planning on visiting Western Australia. The staff at Perth Longstay can assist you in finding work in a range of industries. A working holiday in Perth offers something for everyone - great wages, superb conditions, an awesome working environment and friendly co-workers and customers.

We work closely with the staff at a fantastic Perth Employment agency called "Barksdale Job Services" who are skilled and experienced in finding backpackers city and rural work. The staff are friendly, helpful and eager to help you find a job.
You can find them here;
http://www.barksdale.com.au/ or you can email them at employment@barksdale.com.au


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Hospitality Work: .Tourism plays a strong part creating many related jobs in hotels, cafes and restaurants, retail, etc. As such, there are many hospitality related jobs to be found all year long. We can help you find catering, kitchen-hand, waitress and bar staff jobs.
Factory Work: Perth factories are a great form of employment as they offer long shifts and good rate of pay.

Cleaning Work: Perth Longstay has dozens of cleaning jobs which offer flexible hours and a great wage.

Fruit Picking & Rural Work: We have teamed with a number of farms who look to employ backpackers for fruit picking and farm work. This form of work is highly sought after as it allows overseas workers to obtain their second Visa.

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Looking for work can be a stressful experience, especially if you're on a budget or new to the city. Let us take the stress out of the process and use the resources we have to connect you to a job with a great wage.

Email us now at employment@barksdale.com.au and we'll make make contact with you and find the right job for you

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We have hundreds of backpackers who we have placed with Perth employers. They are enjoying a fantastic rate of pay and great hours. Contact our employment specialists at employment@barksdale.com.au