About Perth Longstay

Perth Longstay was established in 2013 to assist overseas backpackers visiting Perth on holiday and work Visa's. We were saddened to see them being exploited and taken advantage of by shady businesses, people and agents, so we decided to establish a business that ensures their stay in Perth is both enjoyable and profitable for them. Perth and Western Australia is a fantastic destination and we want to show all visitors a great time so they go home with great memories, life-long friends and a good impression of Australia and it's people.

Here's some frequently asked question that we get asked;

Q. Do you speak any Foreign Languages?
A: Our staff speak fluent Mandarin, Taiwanese, Cantonese and a little Thai. Feel free to email us in any of those languages as we'll understand :)

Q. What should I bring when traveling to Perth?
A. Nearly everything can be purchased here so we'd advise just to bring a smile, a good attitude and a sense of adventure and you'll be fine.

Q. Should I be worried about Spiders, Snakes, Drop bears and Dingo's?
A. All of the above creatures tend to keep to themselves so you shouldn't have any problems!

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The staff at Perth Longstay are here to help you so if you have any questions or need any information then please email us on info@perthlongstay.com