Perth Food & Wine

Nothing beats eating under a balmy night sky or sipping a glass of wine besides an ocean view as the sun sets at Perth’s restaurants and wineries. Classy, or funky and fun, Perth presents an extensive menu for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with succulent seafood and the finest fresh and local produce paired with an exceptional wine list.

Here's some hot food spots that Perth Longstay recommends backpackers and tourists check out;

SWan Valley

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swan valley chocolate factory tasting

  • Located only half an hour East of Perth, the Swan Valley is packed with dozens of vineyards and home to over 150 places to wine and dine - including top-rated wineries and renowned restaurants, micro breweries and distilleries. You'll also find art galleries, animal farms and plenty of fresh produce that you can purchase directly from the grower. Here's some recommendations;

    The Margaret River Chocolate Company - Swan Valley: Perth's answer to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. You can try and buy an insane amount of different chocolates here. Treat your taste buds to chili chocolate, lavender chocolate, wookie chocolate and a squllion other varieties. The place gets very busy as free chocolate samples are an effective magnet!

    Wine Tasting: Swan Valley is sure to supply you with a great wine tasting experience, meet the people who grow the grapes and make the wines, the views over the vineyards are spectacular. You can bounce from winery to winery sampling free wine's, eating cheeses and compiling all the ingredients for a solid hangover. Some wineries we recommend are Houghton Winery, Sandalford Winery and RiverBank Estate Winery.

    Food!: The Swan Valley has such a wide variety of delicious foods ranging from massive steaks, delicate platters with fresh fruit and meats to five star seafood sit-down lunches.

  • Fremantle

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Fishing Boat Harbor houses some of WA's most popular seafood restaurants where you can dine on seafood delicacies as you overlook the ocean. Be sure to check out popular fish and chip destination "Cicerellos" and if your feeling an Aussie beer then be sure to scuttle over to nearby "Little Creatures Brewery"

Fremantle has a lively cappuccino strip where you can grab a coffee and people watch the afternoon away. Dozens of cafe's, small bars and restaurants surround the strip.

Alfred's Kitchen


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Alfred's Kitchen is Perth's longest-running roadside hamburger kitchen and has by far the best hamburgers I've ever tasted. It's open super late on weekends (3am!) and there's nothing like sitting around the fire, chatting with mates and stuffing your face with a giant burger. I live nearby so you could have the pleasure (misfortune) of eating a hamburger next to me!

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